Creating immersive experiences with the power of narrative.

Welcome to my portfolio! I’m a multidisciplinary experience designer passionate about crafting impactful concepts for brands, entertainment, and visitor attractions. With a focus on narrative, I transform abstract ideas like light and sound into immersive experiences that engage and inspire. My expertise extends beyond design — I consulted and coached startups and SMEs on narrative brand design and product innovation, always curious about new challenges and opportunities for creative collaboration.

My projects, including the “Austrian national exhibitions at the Prague Quadrennial of Scenography” or the “Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro“, are fueled by a wealth of experiences gathered throughout my professional and personal life. From childhood story worlds to community-led endeavors, these experiences have cultivated my intuition for creating impactful experiences and empowering people around me. I firmly believe in the power of collaboration and interaction to transform clever ideas into genius projects and real innovation.

More recent examples are the exhibitions “Maria Lassnig” and “Chanukka“. Both projects exemplify my approach to experiential design, which focuses on engaging the senses, prompting reflection, and fostering connection.

Olympic Opening Ceremony Rio de Janeiro

In close collaboration with Roger Titley – “the world’s best puppeteer” we produced 5 creatures, the largest being 13 meters long. 54 Brazilian dancers were cast and trained to operate these creatures. The theme was early life on earth and formed the beginning of the narrative of the famous Opening Ceremony for the Rio Olympics 2016, that was watched by billions of people from around the world.

Watch the full opening ceremony on youtube


Chanukka: “Leuchter des Lichterfestes” was a collaborative exhibition between the Jewish community (IKS) and the Museum of Lights in Casale Monferrato, featuring a collection of intricately designed nine-armed lamps central to Hanukka festivities.

My aim was to create an immersive space of discovery, inviting visitors of all ages to explore. The focal point of the exhibition was light, serving as a unifying force across religions and providing a touchpoint for visitors from diverse backgrounds. Read More

Award-winning Curation of the National Austrian Exhibits

I curated the country and student national exhibitions for Austria at the Prague Quadrennial of Scenography – the worlds’ biggest international exhibition of performance design and space. We secured one of the rare jury awards for Austria – the first price since Austria’s contribution to the PQ (since 1967). And yes, we are very proud.

Transient Spaces – What is Home?

How can “home” be re-defined in a continuously globalised world?

The exhibition explores what “home” and sense of belonging mean in a continuously globalised world where people of all classes are required or motivated to lead a nomadic lifestyle.  To a certain extent this lifestyle means a return to a time when feeling at home was defined by a sense of being part of the world and not by possessions. Read More

European Capital of Culture – The Flood

“Klangwolke” is part of the ars electronica festival.
In South Africa we designed the life size creatures and their movement systems so that 350 volunteers could build the creatures out of pre-cut polyethylene foam. In Linz in Austria we organised and managed an army of volunteers and held workshops to guide them through the construction of their animal. Read More

Arup Foresight – Campus of the Future

A compelling vision of the campus of the future in 2030. With the STEEP forecasting method we researched future trends and created scenarios. Based on the forecast that there will be majorly shrunk cities and megacities we developed the future scenario for Bioflame University.Read More

City Regeneration – Visitor Park for Yixng Pottery, China

The site is transformed from an unused pottery factory into a brand new art zone. Exhibition space, artist studios, living and recreation areas, tea shops and a visitor centre are intertwined with experiences that encourage further exploration of the making and significance of pottery.Read More

London Olympics 2012 – Live Sites

Our brief was to consider how a Live Sites Screen might work in the new Granary Square at the Kings Cross development taking into consideration the Olympic legacy.
After a rigorous period of research and the exploration of a multitude of ideas and concepts we constructed a story arc that captured the spirit of the Olympics. Through a program of events and activities, which required varying levels of engagement, the users of the screen and the space were invited to take ownership of the square.

EUvsVirus Hackathon

The SIA Online Theater project was created during the EUvsVirus Hackathon, organised by the European Commission, to help tackle societal, economic and medical challenges emerging from the covid-19 pandemic, where the project was shortlisted.Read More


Maria Lassnig

The renowned Austrian artist is primarily celebrated for her paintings, yet we curated an exhibition showcasing her drawings. These drawings, often abstract, reveal profound layers of analysis and offer insight into her unique perspective on the world. The artist’s physical engagement with her work, meticulously documented in the archives, involves experimenting with different body positions, enhancing the expressive depth of her creations. Read More


SongBoard is a multi-sensory interactive wall installation which was located at the main entrance of King’s Cross Station to engage visitors, commuters and local residents, both national and international, in three ways. By moving the balls, users are able to create their own patterns and compose their own music. Equally, the SongBoard can be simply observed. Interaction is optional and levels of engagement vary: some simply walk by and observe, while others play more. This interplay of the human senses was providing a playful and more memorable experience in the heart of the host city, reflecting the participatory and collaborative ethos of the Olympic Games.

Product Innovation,
Seves Italy

The original glass block has been innovated esthetically as well as morphologically and in its assembling method.
Inspired by nature, the new Flexflux glass bricks open fascinating new possibilities to create flowing surfaces and special light effects. The simplicity of the polygonal form, the rectangular triangle, was created to represent the dynamism of the final product. Its specific shape opens new possibilities to flexibility and movement.
The triangular form is being repeated in the facing sides of each brick and leads to reflections of the incoming light creating a variety of different moods.

What people say

“Every project is different, every brief deserves a bespoke solution, every team good collaboration.”

“Very organised in chaotic situations. Vero resolves problems moving, finds solutions, materials and people working. Quickly, quietly, diplomatically.”

“Vero is an exceptional thinker and a hands-on maker. Specialising in narrative design, Vero has worked around the world to create award-winning design solutions for clients like the London and Rio Olympics, Royal Opera House or the Prague Quadrennial. Her background combines business and design disciplines ranging from graphic to spatial and narrative design to tourism management.  She speaks five languages fluently and holds a few degrees from the best design universities around Europe. She was awarded scholarships to study at Central Saint Martins, London and Politecnico di Milano. Definitely ‘out of the box’ in a good way.”