Stories without words

What we do

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…for businesses and start-ups

  • User experience (UX) for websites and digital media
  • Service design
  • Interior Design Concepts that tell your story
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Experiential design from graphics to spatial design
  • Narrative business strategy advice


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…for cultural organisations

  • Exhibition design
  • Set design and scenographic installations
  • Visitor experiences for exhibitions, events, interiors
  • Outreach activities



More than bullet points, the best lies between the lines.

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vs.designlab create immersive customer experiences…


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vs.designlab is a multidisciplinary design practice & think tank founded out of the MA Narrative Environments – Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Based in London, and Berlin we are: Communication Designers, Scenographers, Service Flow Experts, Architects, Programmers, Psychologists and Cultural Scientists who draw upon creative and narrative techniques to deliver powerful immersive experiences that leave a long-lasting impression.

Using narrative theory as the basis of our design strategy, we design services, interactive installations, exhibitions, and organise events, performances and happenings in public spaces which go beyond mere broadcast and story-telling to deliver a truly immersive experience.

We change spaces to places – true story![/column][column grid=”2″ span=”1″]

Each bespoke design springs from the vs.designlab ‘red thread’ methodology. This 
rigorous, evidence-based approach ensures that we identify and draw out your 
unique story, develop an engaging narrative from it and create the best fitting integrative solution. The ‘red thread’ for all your customer interactions.[/column]

The power of narrative

We are at the forefront of narrative design and have the expert skills in place to innovate your customer journey throughout all interactions. Be it websites, physical spaces or events.

Maximum engagement

We care deeply about your brand, customers and prospects and create designs that engage with them.

‘Red Thread’

Our ‘red thread’ methodology ensures a rigorous approach throughout. We deliver what is best for your business and keep track of the main objectives regardless of how big, detailed or diversified the best concept is.

Your vision

Every design we create represents your vision in the most beautiful way rather than simply applying our artistic expression to every project.


Scientific thinking, married with design thinking, to create evidence-based results that really matter.